Professional Services

Rodgers Investigations offer a broad range of professional services. From Background Checks to Insurance Fraud Investigations, we are here to serve.  There are several services that we specialize in; Investigations, Surveillance, Litigation Support, Criminal, and Domestic Cases.  However, we provide a broad scope of investigative services. We are easy to reach and easy to talk to. We provide open communication with our clients with a professional,  but casual discourse.


If the type of investigation you are looking for is not listed don’t worry. We have access to a vast network of investigators who specialize in every aspect of private investigations. If we can’t help you, we can refer you to an investigator who can. 


There are lots of reasons to request the services of a Private Detective. Whether you’ve been accused of a crime, are going through divorce, or are a business owner trying to protect their investment; our services can help.

At Rodgers Investigations, we assist Attorneys with various cases. We assist with criminal litigation by locating witnesses, obtaining interviews, and collecting facts to support the clients defense. Attorneys often utilize Private Detectives for Family Law, Divorce, Custody, and Infidelity cases; at Rodgers Investigations we work closely with both the attorney and the client to create a personalized, case by case, plan of action. Rodgers Investigations can assist Business owners with Risk Management; we can investigate employee theft, misconduct, harassment, fraud, property recovery, etc. We can help you prepare for Civil or Criminal trials, and help you win your case.


Unlike filing a report with the police, Private Detective Reports are kept confidential and out of the public eye. Discretion is a must with many investigations and we are commited to being discreet; beginning to end. You can rest assured that your case will remain confidential.


 At Rodgers Investigations, we know how important documentation is, and we take great pride in our reports. We provide very thorough and highy detailed information for our clients, every case, every time.

Surveillance / Litigation Support


Rodgers Investigations are surveillance experts. If you need surveillance on a person or place we can help. Whether it’s a workman compensation case or an infidelity case we are here for you. 



Litigation Support

We provide investigator support for pending litigation. We can do site photography, witness interviews, check measurements, and more.

Criminal Charges

If I heard it once I heard it a thousand times as a Police Officer “The cops came and talked to everyone but said they can’t do anything.  I’m a victim and someone needs to hold them accountable!“


I would usually be asked to look into it for them. Unfortunately there is a rule, and it’s not an unwritten one. Most departments have a policy that states an officer SHALL NOT interfere with another officer’s investigation. Breaking that rule is punishable by termination in almost every case.  


Just because the police respond and investigate does not mean they are required to make an arrest. There are just as many reasons not to make an arrest as there are to, in some cases.


If you believe a crime was committed and you want justice I can help. The law in Pennsylvania allows a private citizen to have a private investigation conducted and to file a private criminal complaint.


If it’s a crime, I can investigate and often times an arrest can be made. That includes cases ranging from harassment to assault, theft to criminal mischief or vandalism and everything in between. Just because the police can not or will not make an arrest does not mean nothing can be done.


Domestic Cases

Rodgers Investigations provides many services for domestic cases. We offer surveillance, witness interviews, document/record pull, etc. We work closely with the Attorneys to provide a personalized, comprehensive plan to help win your case.


At Rodgers Investigations, your privacy is a top priority and we guarantee that your information and case details will remain confidential. We adhere to the attorney/client privilege; rest assured that your case will remain private.

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